We saw Padmasri veteran Kamal Haasan in a Malayalam  film a long back, around 23 years ago in a movie titled ‘Janakya’.  He shared screen space with Jayaram in that movie.  Well now, after a long time, the duo is acting together again for a Malayalam movie which has surprised the fans of Mollywood. Because they can see the Indian superstar Kamal Haasan in their regional language movie.

This is a movie directed by Malayalam film industry’s prominent filmmaker Sasi Susindran. After having discussion about ‘4 Friends’ story,  Kamal Haasan was surprised with the storyline and his characterization especially.  Hence accepted the offer immediately.  If sources are to be trusted, Kamal Haasan’s role is going to be a valid turning point of the story.

Scenes pertaining to Kamal Haasan will be shot in Chennai itself and the filming is expected to take off from August 10.  Jayasurya and Meera Jasmine are doing other lead roles.