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Balakrishna Wants Nayanatara Again

Balakrishna is a very passionate person when it comes to mythological characters and films. He knows that making mythological films is a risky factor these days due to shooting up budgets and long schedules.

But still he has passion to redo his Narthanashala that was shelved 8 years ago. He started that with Soundarya but that was shelved followed by her death.

Now Balakrishna has seen Nayantara as the best choice for Droupadi’s role. But she is getting married to Parbhudeva and not willing to act again. Sources say that Balakrishna asked Nayantara to do one last film for him that was pending. He also conveyed her that he wouldn’t do Narthanashala at all, if she negates his request.

Now Nayanatara is in a fix. She cannot cut down Balakrishna due to her respect on him.

In fact, it was Balaiah who brought her great positive image by forcing makers to place her in Sri Rama Rajyam. At the same time she cannot disobey the promise he gave to Prabhaudeva. So, it’s in the hands of Prabhudeva now. If Prabhudeva agrees, Balakrishna may start the project by himself. Otherwise, Narthanashala becomes a forgotten page for ever.