The following that superstar Rajinikanth has got anywhere needs no introduction. Even the same mania is seen in the social networking sites. Lately, a new trend is being observed. After the Sardarji jokes it is Rajinikanth jokes which run as hot property.

These days even celebrities are also tweeting about him across social networking sites. Now, the latest thing about Rajini is the launch of the ‘R’ mobile in the year 2012.

This is slated to be the Rajinikanth mobile and the features of R mobile are: 20 Sim cards with 1 TB memory, Mini AK-47, 1000 mega pixel cam, 1 year battery backup, 1 TV, 1 oven, 1 washing machine, 1 fridge, 1 AC, a mini rocket launcher and most importantly it is introducing 24G wiping away the existing 3G.

While all this is being spread in a nice humour, many are enjoying reading this.