Rajamouli's 'Eega' In 3D Version Only,Eega movie wallpapers,Eega movie wallpapers

Rajamouli's 'Eega' In 3D Version Only

One of the most talked about and much awaited movies in Tollywood is ‘Eega’ and though it has taken a while to get into shape, the first look which was unveiled during Sankranthi has raised the heat. Now, the latest update is that the film is likely to be released in a 3D format only.

A source reveals “The team of ‘Eega’ want to do it in 3D only. The key reason for that is to put a check on piracy. Arranging 3D specs across all theatres is not a problem. If that is done, only then thumping collections will come and there will be no threat of internet downloads or torrents.”

The source added “This is all inside talk and nothing is being made official till the last minute. But the chances are very high that ‘Eega’ would be arriving in 3D mode. A lot of efforts have gone in the making and it has a super hit written all over so Rajamouli and team would not want to hamper their chances by releasing in 2D and getting targeted by piracy.”